Westinghouse DB-15 air circuit breakers


When it comes to low voltage vintage (obsolete) air circuit breakers, North American Switchgear’s breaker technicians enjoy working on Westinghouse DB style breakers. DB-15 breakers are durable breakers found in many different applications. Made mostly of strong metal and little fragile materials they can be reconditioned to last another 20 to 30 years. We like to retrofit them with New AC Pro solid state kits or the unit of our customers choice. Parts are easy to switch out and our customers like the fact that if they are down, we will typically always have loose parts to ship out same day.

Westinghouse had a winner with DB style breakers, they could take hits and keep on going. I always tell customers, “They don’t build them like they used to”.

For more information on NAS and our Brand new state of the art reconditioning facilty please check us out on Youtube ( NASWGR ) or check us out at www.naswgr.com

For over 32 years, North American Switchgear, Inc has prided themselves on being an industry leader in the low and medium voltage circuit breaker / switchgear / parts world!

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