Westinghouse Cutler Hammer LC3600F


Used molded case breakers like the Westinghouse LC3600F can be a great breaker if and only if it is properly inspected and tested. NAS not only specializes in hard to find 480 volt to 15kV air – vacuum circuit breakers ( www.naswgr.com for more information ) we also specialize in hard to find molded case circuit breakers.

The above picture of the Cutler Hammer LC3600F was opened, cleaned, inspected and then tested with report on our high current test set. It was then shipped UPS Red to one of our loyal customers to be installed the following day. Yes, they were very happy and so was their end user.

But the point is, who really tests these breakers? Who really goes through them? Can you trust what is coming your way?  You can not determine if these breakers are suitable for service by just wiping them off and working the mechanism!

When you buy a circuit breaker that is sold reconditioned, seller refurbished, cleaned & tested or remanufactured all of those descriptions should come with a test report. Are they meggering, ductering and primary injecting these breakers? They should unless they describe what test is being performed and that is acceptable to you, the buyer.

North American Switchgear takes pride in our testing procedures. Want to know why….? Because the next time we hear from you we want it to be a request for additional equipment… NOT a problem with a piece that was sold to you.

For over 32 years NAS has specialized in circuit breakers, switchgear and associated parts. Please give a call at 800-909-3660 or email us at sales@naswgr.com.

NAS has plenty of LC3600F circuit breakers with different rating plugs, undervolate trip devices, auxiliary’s and even motor operators (115-125vDC)

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