Westinghouse DS-632 circuit breaker

NAS stocks Westinghouse DS-632 air circuit breakers. We have both manually operated and electrically operated. The following pictures are from our recent purchase.


Westinghouse DS-632
3200 amp
600 volt
120vAC controls
Amptector I – A trips


NAS specializes in reconditioing DS-632 circuit breakers. We also have thousands of Westinghouse DS parts and plenty of Westinghouse DS style switchgear.

The DS-632 circuit breakers can be sold as-is, cleaned & tested or reconditioned. Low voltage DS breakers are our specialty.


NAS can recondition your breakers. Ask about our swapout program. We can also retrofit and upgrade your breakers.


Haven’t tried our services? Give us a call at 800-909-3660 or email us at sales@naswgr.com




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