ITE K-600 Circuit Breaker “Black Series”

In the middle of reconditioning our Customers ITE K-600 Black circuit breakers. They are electrically operated – drawout.


K-Line Blacks are not interchangable with ITE K-Line red switchgear. ITE K-line breakers that have red arc chute (example K-600 Red) are able to go into K-Line Black (Original) series switchgear. Just not vise versa.

ITE had a winner with this series. There a tons still in existance and they are durable breakers. NAS stocks thousands of ITE breakers, switchgear and parts.


NAS technicians enjoy working on ITE K-600 black circuit breakers simply because……We have them down pat!

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216-402-0507 24-7 emergency


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ITE K-600 Black Style Circuit Breakers at NAS

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