Square D Life-Gard Temperature Control Model 85 A , Square D Model 85A Life Gard Temperature controller

Update 2/7/2014

NAS SOLD OUR LAST ONE. That does not mean we will not get anymore in. Please email us your contact information so we can get you on a list ASAP. Once we receive more in stock you will be notified after the items are Reconditioned and Tested prior to hitting our shelf.


If you find this listing and see that we have sold this please give us a call because we have access to getting your Square D Life-Gard Model 85A repaired.

 As you can see this item comes with the relay case, wires and has an extra alarm if used in your application.

The Square D Model 85 Life-Gard Temperature Control is used on Transformers.

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Square D Life-Gard Model 85 at NAS

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