Westinghouse 150DHP500 circuit breakers at NAS 150-DHP-500

NAS owns one of the largest inventories of Westinghouse DHP medium voltage air circuit breakers.

The below pictures are 15kV 1200 amp DHP circuit breakers http://www.naswgr.com/Circuit_Breaker_Pages/Westinghouse/Medium_Voltage/150DH500.html





Westinghouse 150DHP500 Monolithic style


Westinghouse 150-DHP-500 PIP style

Sales@naswgr.com or 800-909-3660

NAS= 300,000 square feet on 9 acres

Over 10,000 low and medium voltage air, vacuum, insulated case circuit breakers and contactors
Thousands of molded case circuit breakers
Tons and Tons of switchgear
2,000,000 loose parts
Expert advice
Easy to use website
Family Owner and Operated.

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800-909-3660 www.naswgr.com www.naswgr-store.com Sales@naswgr.com Twitter @naswgr 216-402-0507 24-7

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