GE Magneblast AM-13.8-1000-3H 3000 amp at NAS

NAS recently helped out a good customer. Their GE Magneblast AM-13.8-1000-3H medium voltage circuit breaker had a blowup. So our team got together and prepaired our breaker for service. We had to change out the controls and ship the GE AM style breaker in a timely manner. (to view the breaker being electrically charged)

 Our customer was satisfied with the end result. They are currently back up and running at their facility.

Are you looking to have your GE Magneblast breakers reconditioned?
Are you looking for GE Magneblast Parts?
Are you looking for GE Magneblast Switchgear?
Are you looking for GE Magneblast breakers for spare units?

We can help with all of the above. Put us on your next RFQ.


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GE Magneblast breakers (By the Hundreds) at NAS

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