V7E2204LR , V7F3204 , ITE Gould Clampmatic switches at NAS

Just in….

These items were just brought in on 12-12-2012

They are not inventoried as of yet. You will see them soon at www.naswgr-store.com

ITE Gould V7F3204 panel board switch
240 volt
3 pole
200 amp
60 horsepower max
With mounting hardware

ITE Gould V7E2204LR panel board switch
200 amp
2 pole
250 volt
15 horsepower max
With mounting hardware

Location S&Z see Mike Habeeb

Again, these will be available reconditioned at www.naswgr-store.com

If you need any in the meantime please call me at 216-402-0507 or email michaelh@naswgr.com


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