AM13.8-500-6H , GE AM-13.8-500-6H circuit breakers , GE Magneblast AM13.8-500-6H at NAS

NAS just received the following for inventory.

(14) More GE AM-13.8-500-6H medium voltage air circuit breakers
Magneblast AM-13.8-500-6H
1200 amp
6174582G-1 , 125vDC close coil
6174582G-1 , 125vDC trip coil
ML-17 mechanism
105C9393-P , 115ac 125dc motor
Weight- 1650lbs

NAS has been specializing in Magne-Blast circuit breakers for over 33 years. We can change any of these to match your controls and diagram.

Are you looking to have your AM-13.8-500-6H circuit breakers reconditioned? Give us a call toll free at 800-909-3660

Click here to go directly to our GE Magneblast AM-13.8-500-6H parts catalog page.

Need parts for GE Magneblast? NAS probably has them. We Inspect all parts prior to shipping and back them with our 1 year warranty.

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