GE AKD-8 Switchgear at NAS , AKD-8 2000 amp & 800 amp for GE AKRT and AKR circuit breakers

NAS owns tons and tons of switchgear.

SNAS5236-1-2-3 NASII

GE AKD-8 Switchgear
Main Cubicle- GE AKRT-8D-50H
Feeders- GE AKR-8D-30H

The GE AKD-8 Switchgear is available for parts or as a whole piece.

Ground Break Sensor
Catalog# TGM0008
600 amp
Suitable with GE TGMR Relays & GE THSMP Monitors

Are you looking for GE AKRT style circuit breakers? Or GE AKR style circuit breakers? We have them.

NAS has a 7000 square foot reconditioning and retrofitting facility. We can handle almost any amount of circuit breakers.

Call 800-909-3660 for more information

NAS- Family owned and operated

300,000 square feet on 9 acres

No commission sales

2,000,000 loose parts to view similar switchgear.






If you are utilizing companies that provide obsolete equipment than NAS is a must on your next request for quote.

Thank you!!

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