THFP367W , GE THFP367W panel board switches are now in stock at NAS , QMR367C

We just purchased a large lot of miscellaneous low voltage panel board switches, breakers and disconnects.

The following items came with the lot and are very rare and obsolete. They will be available from us and will be Class A Reconditioned, Tested with report and Backed by our 1 Year Warranty.

GE THFP367W Model 1 Panel Board Switches , & QMR367C panel board switches
800 amp
600 vDC – 250vDC
3 pole

One of the switches currently has Gould Shawmut A4BY400 Fuses

Again, we just got these in (April 30th 2013) and do not expect them to be here long so buy your spare today.

800-909-3660 ask for Mike Habeeb or email me at

My cell phone number 24-7 – 216-402-0507

Quantity (6)

The switches have been inspected for any missing or broken parts and they passed with flying colors. Again, they will be completely reconditioned at the time of order.

Take a look.







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