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NAS owns Hundreds of Westinghouse DB-50 circuit breakers. We own thousands of DB-50 circuit breaker parts as well. For over 33 years NAS has been a world leader in supporting the obsolete amazingly reliable Westinghouse DB-50 circuit breaker.

We are always testing Westinghouse DB-50 circuit breakers. There are a few different style DB-50 circuit breakers. A DB-50 circuit breaker can be manually operated or electrically operated (or both). NAS can supply new non-oem coils for obsolete Westinghouse DB-50 circuit breakers. NAS can also Recondition and Retrofit all of your Westinghosue DB-50 Circuit Breakers.

We are your Westinghouse DB-50 circuit breaker, switchgear and parts headquarters.

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Find out why everyone comes to us for parts or reconditioned/retrofitted DB-50 circuit breakers.

We know DB-50 circuit breakers inside and out and can typically ship parts same day!

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North American Switchgear, Inc. Family owned and operated for over 33 years. We know Westinghouse DB-50 air circuit breakers!!

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