GE AKU-2-50 Circuit Breaker, AKU-2-50 , AKU250 ,

Some companies advertise breakers they do not have nor have the capability of even testing. Recently I searched the web to see where we rank and noticed some brokers on there trying to jump on this side of the fence. What we do is a serious thing, we take 600 to 15kV power circuit breakers and get them ready for service. This is something that has taken years to learn and earn everyones respect. Anyone can go to an auction and buy 600 volt GE AKU-2-50 circuit breakers. But, can they test them? Can they get them ready for service in an hour? Do they know what interchanges? Do they test the anti-single phase device? These are very important questions.

Here at North American Switchgear we can always answer your questions. We are an open book with our business. Click here to take a look! There is nothing to hide, no fake isle ways on our website, just 300,000 square feet loaded with almost 11,000 air, vacuum and insulated case circuit breakers. Hudreds of sections of metal clad switchgear and almost 2.5 million loose parts. As you can see in the video we also have a 7,000 square foot reconditioning facility that caters to the masses.

GE AKU-2-50 circuit breaker

Click here to go directly to our GE AKU-2-50 webpage with “ACTUAL” pictures.

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Why play games with your important obsolete reliable circuit breakers. Let the experts in my family help you out.




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