K-600S , ITE K-600S Circuit Breaker Cleaned & Tested for a Great Customer!

Customers ship us breakers all the time to be reconditioned, repaired or in this case cleaned, tested with report and backed by our 1 year warranty.

It works out good for them because its impossible to perform a clean and test in the field. Sure, you can wipe it down, scotch-bright the contacts and test in the field, but at NAS our cleaned and test program goes above and beyond. We still disassemble some of the breaker so we can properly lubricate the parts that are impossible to get to. Plus our shop techs have the tools to properly clean. We utilize our tumblers for parts and put them back on correctly and even add new hardware as needed. “Our clean and test are like some competitors reconditions”.

Our Class A recondition is a complete tear-down, re-plate, new hardware etc. I know you have seen the pictures from beginning to end. Search GE AM-13.8-1000-4H to see a complete tear-down.

The following breakers are ready to go and then the next round will be shipping in soon after.

ITE K-600S circuit breakers
600 volt
600 amp
Electrically Operated
Drawout Style
3 phase
PowerShield Type SS
ABB Solid State Trip Type SS
SS3 Power Shield
Schematic- 608167-23

Are you looking to have your ITE K-600S circuit breakers cleaned & tested or reconditioned and retrofitted? Ask about our “Recondition Swapout Program”.



Email- sales@naswgr.com

7000 square foot reconditioning facility
300,000 square feet on 9 acres
11,000+ low and medium voltage circuit breakers
2,000,000 loose parts
Hundreds of sections of metal clad switchgear
Molded case circuit breakers
Switches 600 volt – 15kV
Motor Control Centers

Everything under one roof and the best part is none of our salespeople are on commission. We have been family owned and operated for over 33 years.

Trust NAS on your next purchase.












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