C32KN3 , Cutler Hammer Size 7 Contactor C32KN3 , 810 amp C32KN3 , C320KGS22 , C320KB8 , 1887-1 , 10-4761

How do you obtain repeat business?

You must put out a great product, not a good product. You must strive to stay consistent in being great. You must continue to evolve and learn other aspects of the 480 volt to 15kV world.

At NAS we have been consistent for over 33 years. We are into the second generation of a wonderful Family Owned and Operated Business. As we have grown so have our market shares. We have customers that are local and customers from the “Outback”. Happy customers from all over the world.

If you are ever in need of anything 480 volt to 15kV NAS is a must on your next request for quote. Again, we are a Family run business that is here to work for you and your best interest. No one at our company is on commission so there is no pressure on you. The only pressure we have is to keep up the consistency of putting out “Great Products”.

Below are pictures of (3) Cutler Hammer Size 7 contactors that were Class A Reconditioned by our MCC specialist. Yes, we have an MCC specialist we work with that does amazing work, hence the reason we have been purchasing large lots of 600 volt and below motor control.

Cutler Hammer Size 7 Contactor C32KN3
810 amp
600 volt
3 pole
Cutler Hammer C32KN3
Cutler Hammer C320KGS22
Cutler Hammer C320KB8
Cutler Hammer 1887-1
Cutler Hammer 10-4761
Series A1

Our specialist had parts specially machined to keep the chattering down. New contact kits were added and the paint on the frame is as good as a new car. We only use the best plating to keep your parts from becoming brittle down the road.

Check this beautiful Cutler Hammer Size 7 C32KN3 810 amp contactor out.










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Siemens Allis LA-1600B Circuit Breakers , & , Allis Chalmers LA-1600A Circuit Breakers

NAS just received the following LA-1600 style breakers in.

(28) total

Siemens Allis LA-1600B circuit breakers

Allis Chalmers LA-1600A circuit breakers

Manually Operated
600 volt
1600 amp frame
3 pole

Static Trip II TIG (3T)
Static Trip II TIG (T)

Each used LA-1600A or LA-1600B is available as-is or reconditioned.

NAS also stocks LA-1600B parts and LA-1600A parts



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Square D DS-416H circuit breakers , DS-416H 1600 amp , Square D RMS610 S66LSIG , RP6D16A160

NAS just received the following

(6) Square D DS-416H circuit breakers
1600 amp
600 volt
3 pole
Manually Operated
Square D RMS610 S66LSIG RP6D16A160

Each Square D DS-416H is in MINT condition!

Square D DS416H circuit breaker


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Part Description , DS-416

Upper Stud Assembly , 591C750G02
Additional Auxiliary Switch Assembly w/cover (rectangular) 2nd Aux. Switch , 697B536G08
Additional Auxiliary Switch Assembly w/cover (rectangular) 3rd Aux. Switch , 697B536G09
Amptector I-A Soild State Trip LI , 1233C97G01 , 6998D02G01
Amptector I-A Soild State Trip LIG , 1233C97G02 , 6998D02G02
Amptector I-A Soild State Trip LS , 1233C97G03 , 6998D02G03
Amptector I-A Soild State Trip LSG , 1233C97G04 , 6998D02G04
Amptector I-A Soild State Trip LSI , 1233C97G06 , 6998D02G06
Amptector I-A Soild State Trip LSIG , 1233C97G05 , 6998D02G05
Amptector II-A Soild State Trip DU , 6997D20G41
Amptector II-A Soild State Trip SE , 6997D20G42
Amptector II-A Soild State Trip TR , 6997D20G43
Anti-Pump Relay 120 60HZ , 8293A05G01 , 140D930H01
Anti-Pump Relay 125 DC , 8293A05G04 , 140D930H04
Anti-Pump Relay 240 60HZ , 8293A05G02 , 140D930H02
Anti-Pump Relay 250 DC , 8293A05G05 , 140D930G05
Anti-Pump Relay 48 DC , 8293A05G03 , 140D930H03
Arc Chute & Mounting Screw , 151D018G01
Arc Chute Kit (Group of 3) , 1A33568G02
Barrier Kit (Group of 4) , 1A33569G02
Barrier-Inner , 349A578H01
Barrier-Outer , 349A578H01
Breaker Front Covers for Digitrip II and Digitrip III , 349A578H01
Closing Spring Assembly , 791A671G02
Crank Arm w/ Roller , 786A586G01
Crank Kit , 3838A95G01
Current Sensor 100 AMP , 151D995G01
Current Sensor 1200 AMP , 151D995G12
Current Sensor 150 AMP , 151D995G15
Current Sensor 1600 AMP , 151D995G16
Current Sensor 200 AMP , 151D995G02
Current Sensor 300 AMP , 151D995G03
Current Sensor 400 AMP , 151D995G04
Current Sensor 50 AMP , 794A170G01
Current Sensor 600 AMP , 151D995G06
Current Sensor 800 AMP , 151D995G08
Direct Trip Actuator (DTA) for use with Amptector I-A Trip System , 6482C55G21
Direct Trip Actuator (DTA) for use with Digitrip Box , 6482C55G28
Direct Trip Actuator (DTA) for use with Digitrip II and Digitrip III , 6482C55G11
Elastic Stop Nut , 70220ERN18
Emergency Charge Device , 436B925G01
Emergency Charge Handle , 349A669G04
Emergency Charge Handle Kit (Electrically Operated) , 3838A96G02
Escutcheon Plate , 695C102H01
Fastner Kit , 3586A86G01
Insulating Link Assembly , 436B450G02
Latch Check Switch , 140D161G01
Lever (for motor cut-off switch) , 791A516H01
Levering Mechanism Assembly , 449D224G04
Levering-In Hand Crank , 8644C73G01
Lifting Yolk , 694C614G02
Lower Stud Assembly , 126D298G06
Main Disconnect Contact Assembly Kit , 1A333570G02 , 682C347G01
Main Drive Link Assembly (with Roller) , 437B146G03
Manual Charge Assembly , 591C385G01
Manual Charge Handle , 349A669G02
Manual Charge Handle Kit (Manually Operated) , 3838A96G01
Mechanism Assembly w/o Closing Spring (Electrically Operated) , 567F759G02
Mechanism Assembly w/o Closing Spring (Manually Operated) , 567F759G01
Molded Base , 553F204H01

K-Line Charging Motors , ITE / ABB Amatek , 709799-T01 , 120VAC / 125VDC , 709799-T02, 230VAC , 250VDC , 709799-T03 , 48VDC , K-Line Renewal Parts

Click here to view us testing a K-Line Charging Motor

ITE / ABB Amatek motor for K-Line circuit breaker.

Choose from the following voltages:

709799-T01 , 120VAC / 125VDC

709799-T02 , 230VAC, 250VDC

709799-T03 , 48VDC

Used on K-225 , K-225S , K-600 , K-600S , KDON-600 , KDON-600S , K-800 ,
K-800S , KDON-800 , KDON-800S , K-1600 , K-1600S , KDON-1600 ,
KDON-1600S , K-2000 , K-2000S

Used, cleaned and tested prior to shipping – with 1 year warranty

Need a different part or a complete breaker? Call or e-mail the sales department sales@naswgr.com or 800-909-3660 – thousands of items are in stock that are not online yet!! We stock all types of circuit breaker, switchgear and parts including General Electric, Westinghouse, Siemens, Allis Chalmers, ABB, ITE, BBC, Square D, Cutler Hammer, Gould and others.