FC-500A1 , Allis-Chalmers FC-500A1 Circuit Breaker , SE 515-2 Mechanism , 18X-5205 , 18X-5204 , 1200 amp FC500-A1 Ruptair Circuit Breaker

You are looking at another beautiful Allis Chalmers FC-500A1 Circuit Breaker. This is one of many that we have finished up for a large order from a Great Customer.

1200 amp
Close- 90-130DC
Trip- 70-140DC
Motor- 125vDC
SE 515-2 Mechanism
FC-500A1 Ruptair Circuit Breaker
Instruction Booklet- 18X-5204
Parts List- 18X-5205
Wiring Diagram- 18-723-364-411

Click here to view a video of us testing an FC-500A1

Click here to view a list of a few items that are readily -Keep in mind we are adding everyday and we have complete breakers and more loose parts. Please email- sales@naswgr.com for more information and a quote.

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