50DH150D , Westinghouse 50DH150D 2000 amp Circuit Breaker , 50DH150 2000 amp , 22Y1006B2

Westinghouse 50DH150D medium voltage power circuit breakers Class A Reconditioned in the NAS “Super Shop”.

Westinghouse 50DH150D Circuit Breaker
2000 amp
150 MVA
3 Pole


This is one of many we have been working on. I am so sorry but a few pics came out blurry. I will add as we go along.

Just FYI- These breakers were built in November 1953. Let’s do the math…..60 Years Old! Amazing breakers built and designed by America and Canada’s Best!

In our super shop we categorize our work by the following.

Class A Recondition- a complete tear down. Similar to what folks call remanufactured but are you getting remanufactured parts? That is why we do not use that verbiage. Sure some parts are re-sleeved, contacts get re-tipped, new retrofit kits, re-plated, springs replaced but are they remanufacturing a complete new breaker?

Clean & Test with or without retrofit- what some competitors call a Recondition. Again, we are going into the breaker, cleaning, retrofitting (ask for our breakdown to save on the confusion), but we choose to call it this because it’s not being torn apart completely.

Test and ship- what some people call E-OK. It is still being cleaned while the guys are testing it. We don’t want to send something dirty even though it test properly and is acceptable to the customer. Our videos on www.youtube.com search naswgr to see a few of our emergencies, click on the AKU-2-50.

Alright, ok, I know I speak too much sometimes but please remember when you are getting quotes to ask for a complete breakdown of what you are getting. If I say recondition and someone says remanufactured it may not be the same thing. Compare apples to apples before awarding that order.

Regarding this order, we received it based on our detail to work, the amount of loose parts and breakers we have in stock (12,500+ 600volt-15kV air & vacuum breakers). Plus, we know these up and down and actually own 50DH150/250/350 all vintages on our shelf. The AMAZING customers got a chance to drive in to visit and we were very happy because seeing is believing.

The lead time was a killer because we had to re-sleeve all of the stud insulation on the pole pieces. But again, it is the attention to detail and the fact that we brought these back to life.

There are more on deck and I will add more stories and pictures as we move along.



I wanted to show you these without the covers and arc chutes





20130927-212940.jpgNorth American Switchgear

410508 , Westinghouse VCP-W CPT Cabinet , 677C453G09 , ISOREG 15kV Single Phase 13200 Primary 120/240 Secondary , Westinghouse VCPW CPT cabinet


Westinghouse VCP-W CPT Cabinet

677C453G09 , Westinghouse CLE-PT Fuses
ISOREG Corporation 15kV Single Phase 13200 Primary 120/240 Secondary Potential Transformer
Class F 60 Hertz
PN: 410508
Westinghouse VCPW PT cabinet

800-900-3660 toll free
216-402-0507 24/7

Email- sales@naswgr.com






SELA36AT0100 , GE SELA36AT0100 circuit breaker , SAST1 Shunt Trip , SRPE100A , SELA36AT0100 with shunt trip , GE SRPE100A Rating Plug

GE SELA36AT0100 circuit breaker SAST1 Shunt Trip
SRPE100A rating plug
3 pole
100 amp

SELA36AT0100 with shunt trip

SELA36AT0100 with 120 volt shunt trip , SAST1



We have the following in stick as well

30 amps
15 amps
60 amps

With and without shunt trips

You can find these items at www.naswgr-store.com

800-909-3660 toll free





DB-75 , Westinghouse DB-75 Circuit Breaker , DB-75 3000 amp 600 volt Electrically Operated Class A Reconditioned Circuit Breaker , DB75


Westinghouse DB-75 Circuit Breaker

DB-75 3000 amp 600 volt Electrically Operated Class A Reconditioned Circuit Breaker

Class A Reconditioned with URC AC Pro Solid State Kit
Loose DB-75 circuit breaker parts
Westinghouse DB-75 switchgear

NAS can recondition and retrofit your DB style circuit breakers. Ask about our “Recondition Swapout Program”

Click here to request a quote

Every Class A Reconditioned Westinghouse DB-75 circuit breaker will be tested with report and backed by our 1 year warranty.

http://www.naswgr-store.com/collections/db-breaker-parts.html for more DB parts. We are adding more items everyday.

Westinghouse DB-75 Renewal Parts

Actuator , 692C706G01 ,
Amptector IA Retrofit Kit, 2000-3000 A – LIG , 8184A50G16 ,
Amptector IA Retrofit Kit, 2000-3000 A – LIG (w/o ground indicator) , 8184A50G76 ,
Amptector IA Retrofit Kit, 2000-3000 A – LSG ,8184A50G17 ,
Amptector IA Retrofit Kit, 2000-3000 A – LSG (w/o ground indicator) , 8184A50G77 ,
Amptector IA Retrofit Kit, 2000-3000 A – LSIG , 8184A50G18 ,
Amptector IA Retrofit Kit, 2000-3000 A – LSIG (w/o ground indicator) , 8184A50G78 ,
Amptector IIA Retrofit Kit, 2000-3000 A – LIG , 8184A50G46 ,
Amptector IIA Retrofit Kit, 2000-3000 A – LSG , 8184A50G47 ,
Amptector IIA Retrofit Kit, 2000-3000 A – LSIG , 8184A50G48 ,
Amptectors type IA with indicator – LI , 6998D22G01 ,
Amptectors type IA with indicator – LS ,6998D00G03 ,
Amptectors type IA with indicator – LSI , 6998D22G06 ,
Amptectors type IA with indicator and ground – LI , 6998D02G02 ,
Amptectors type IA with indicator and ground – LS , 6998D02G04 ,
Amptectors type IA with indicator and ground – LSI , 6998D02G05 ,
Amptectors type IIA without indicator or ground – LI , 6997D20G41 ,
Amptectors type IIA without indicator or ground – LS , 6997D20G42 ,
Amptectors type IIA without indicator or ground – LSI , 6997D20G43 ,
Arc Chutes , 405D389G04 ,
Auxiliary Switch, 4 Pole D.O. , 20B834G07 ,
Auxiliary Switch, 8 Pole D.O. , 20B834G08 ,
Breaker Lever , 1799891 ,
Closing Coil 115 vAC , 1809520 ,
Closing Coil 125 vDC , 1809520 ,
Closing Coil 220 vAC , 300P268G01 ,
Closing Coil 250 vDC , 300P268G01 ,
Closing Coil 440 vAC , 300P834G01 ,
Complete Mechanism E/O, 3 Position , 410D348G02 ,
Complete Mechanism E/O, Single Position , 44A9415G06 ,
DB-75, 3 position , 406D349G01 ,
DB-75, single position , 406D444G01 ,
Finger Clusters , 679C711G08 ,
Hinge Contact Finger , 1799912 ,
Latch Segment , 20B8584H04 ,
Lever Spring , 1799968 ,
Levering Crank, 3 position , 303C008G02 ,
Levering Crank, single position , 300C334G01 ,
Lower Stationary Contact Fingers , 1799915 ,
Lower Stud Assembly , 406D445G03 ,
Main Contact , 1810289 ,
Mechanism Shaft , 1799932 ,
Molded Contact Base , 1810282 ,
X Relays 125 V Dc (used with heavy duty burden coils) , 1802990 ,
X Relays 220 V Ac, 60 Hz , 33A2746G35 ,
X Relays 220 V Ac, 60 Hz (used with heavy duty burden coils) , 60A1412G28 ,
X Relays 250 V Dc , 33A2746G33 ,
X Relays 250 V Dc (used with heavy duty burden coils) , 1802991 ,
X Relays 440 V Ac, 60 Hz , 33A2746G36 ,
X Relays 440 V Ac, 60 Hz (used with heavy duty burden coils) , 60A1412G29 ,
Westinghouse DB75 breaker
Westinghouse DB75 circuit breaker
Westinghouse DB75 breakers
Westinghouse DB75 circuit breakers
DB75 parts
DB75 switchgear
DB75 renewal parts
DB75 Westinghouse

VB1-4.16-250 , GE VB1-4.16-250 Circuit Breaker , Vacuum Bottle PN:, 52B1 , 1200 amp , GE VB1-4.16-250 Switchgear , VB1 Breaker , VB1 Circuit Breaker


NAS just received the GE VB1 Powervac switchgear and VB1 Powervac circuit breakers.

NAS carries loose parts for GE VB and GE VB1 Switchgear

NAS also carries loose parts for GE VB and GE VB1 Circuit Breakers

For more information on our services please feel free to visit www.naswgr.com

Here is the description

GE VB1-4.16-250 vacuum circuit breakers
1200 amp
3 pole
ML-18 Mechanism
48vDC Trip Coil , 0282A7015G004
48vDC Close Coil , 0282A7015G001
Connection Diagram , 0209B8250P001
Vaccum Interrupter 52B1 , (1200 amp)

GE VB1-4.16-250 Switchgear Lineup with the following components.

(3) GE VB1-4.16-250 switchgear compartments 1200 amp

Yokogawa AC Ammeter 103131LSSN7RSC/P

Telemecanique CA3DB22
Telemecanique 22E

Telemecanique LP1D2510

(1) GE VB1-4.16-250 Voltage Transformer Drawout Carriage Compartment with the following
(2) GE JVM-3 Potential Transformers
35:1 ratios
4200 volt

Double fused with the following GE EJ1 Fuses
Type EJ1
0.5E Amp 60 hertz

Basler BE1-51K1EZ10A0N1F , (3)
Basler BE1-51G1EZ10A1N1F , (3)

GE GEK-90218B Renewal Parts

0144D1201G001 , ML-18 Mech
0282A2725G002 , Finger Clusters
0177C5014G001 , Operating Rod
0177C5050G003 , 48vDC Spring-Charging Motor
0209B8041G001 , Charge Link Assembly
0282A2008P001 , 48vDC Anti-Pump Relay
0282A7094P001 , Control Switch
0282A7094P002 , Control Switch
0209B8064P001 , Auxiliary Switch
0209B8096P001 , SB-12 Type
0209B4825P001 , Auxiliary Switch
0209B4826P001 , Electro Switch
0282A7310G001 , Vacuum Interrupters
0282A5061G003 , Interruptor Clamp
0209B8072G002 , Wipe Spring Assembly
0282A7168P001 , Operation Counter
0282A7138P001 , Spring for Counter
0282A7147P001 , Trip Latch
0282A7244G001 , Close Latch
0209B8075P001 , Close Latch Pin
0209B8075P003 , Replacement Latch
0209B8034G001 , Charging Racket
0282A7311G001 , Close Spring & Guide Assembly
0282A7043P001 , Opening Spring
0282B8085G001 , Caster Wheel and Bracket
0282A2464G001 , Truck Rollers
0209B8040G001 , Positive Interlock
0177C5007G002 , Negative Interlock
0209B8032G001 , Spring Discharge Interlock
0209B8102G001 , Toggle Linkage Assembly , 0209B8102G002 , Replacement
0209B8009P001 , Close Shaft , 0209B1111P001 , Replacement
0144D1229P001 , Close Cam
0282A7128G001 , Opening Spring Rod
0209B3579G001 , Secondary Disconnect Assembly
0282A2081P001 , Male Pins
0282A2147P001 , Ground Bus Bar
0282A7196G001 , Erosion Disk
0282A7195P001 , Indicator for Erosion Disk
0282A7143G001 , Stop For Center Phase , 0177C6640G001 , replaces 0282A7143G001 ,
0209B3894P001 , Close Latch Pin , Replacement , 0282B8075P003 ,
0282A7165G001 , Prop Latch
, Replacement , 0282A7327G001
0209B8000P001 , Close Spring Crank , 0209B8000P002 , Replacement ,
0209B6588G001 , Lifting Bracket
2082A7227P001 , Manual Charge Handle
0209B8043G001 , Close Spring Gag Plate
0166C3943G001 , Test Coupler
0209B6539G001 , Mechanism Removal Bracket
0282A20115G001 , Fastener Assortment (X Washer) ,
0282A6558G001 , Spring Assortment
0282A5293G001 ,

If you are a customer of ours than I sincerely believe you know how passionate our Family is about this wonderful industry and what we have been able to accomplish in thirty three years.

Bragging time about NAS
300,000 square feet on 9 acres
12,500 circuit breaker-480 volt to 15kV
Air & Vacuum Breakers and Contactors
Thousands of molded case circuit breakers
Hundreds of sections of metal-clad switchgear
2.5 million loose parts
7000 square foot reconditioning/repair facility (The Super Shop)
Expert Knowledge (2nd generation)
Non Commission Sales Staff
Bus plugs
480 volt MCC sections with complete buckets
Panelboard Switches
Loose breaker parts
Loose switchgear parts
Potential Transformers
Control Power Transformers
Current Transformers
Low voltage contactors
Solid State Relays and Complete Obsolete Kits
State of the art test sets
Warrantied Equipment

I can go on and on because I am so proud of our business.

Please never hesitate to call or email us at 800-909-3660 toll free
216-402-0507 24/7

Come visit us for a site visit.

Would you like us to visit your site for any future needs? Please email our National Sales Representative at michaelh@naswgr.com

Are you looking to sell your equipment? Email us your list and quantities at sales@naswgr.com

Please take a look at the pictures below. If you need any extra pictures it would be no problem getting them to you. Thanks again!

























Thank you for reading our info, I hope it has been helpful.

TPVVF3608 , GE TPVVF3608 Circuit Breaker Friday the 13th Emergency

It’s was Friday the 13th and someone was down. Someone was desperately searching for a GE 800 amp PowerBreak TPVVF3608. They found it at www.naswgr-store.com and picked up the phone to make sure we had it. Once I told them we did in fact have it and could perform a megger, ductor and primary injection test you could tell they were relieved.

The customer placed the order and we stayed late to get it out. The customer was so happy that we actually have a web-store that shows actual product. Not a web store that advertises items that have to be sourced.

In 2010 when we were discussing the web store we wanted to make sure it was a cut and dry store. We wanted to put items on here that we owned and actually have in stock. Sure, we search for items that we do not own and so do other companies but we have 2.5 million loose parts, thousands of molded case, fuses, relays, panel board switches and many other 480 volt- 15kV pieces/parts. This has been our best avenue of making these items available.

We agreed that if we only have (4) of these certain items than only (4) would be available. We did not want to lead folks on. Our phones ring all day for circuit breakers, switchgear and related parts. The emails fly in for reconditioned breakers and we felt this would be an easier way to have our current customers and new customers find us and our available surplus.

Long story short, it has turned into a successful new style of doing business. The customer can view multiple pictures of what they are buying and see a detailed description of the item/s.

North American Switchgear is a proud Family Owned and Operated business. For over 33 years we have been serving the industry and have helped develop the strict standards that customers expect when buying used product. Our sales force is non commission and we firmly believe that takes the pressure off them and you to make a fair deal. It also alleviates pressure. We have a formula that works.

Our President Bob Jordan has built a platform that his children has fine tuned and built on. In 33 years we have gone from being a small surplus dealer to a 300,000 square foot powerhouse with a state of the art 7,000 square foot reconditioning facility. We are truly blessed because we have a customer base that trust us and keep coming back.

GE TPVVF3608 Circuit Breaker
GE PowerBreak TPVVF3608
800 amp, 600 volt, 3 pole
Manually Operated
120 volt shunt trip
Microversatrip , TP9VT20SLGA3 LSIG

Each used GE TPVVF3608 will be cleaned, tested with report and backed by our 1 year warranty.

This group of GE PowerBreak TPVVF3608 were taken out of a data center and are in “MINT” condition.








Please give us a call toll free at 800-909-3660

24/7 emergency lines
Michael Habeeb- 216-402-0507
Mike Jordan- 216-570-2725

Email us at sales@naswgr.com

To view our company videos go to www.youtube.com and search naswgr


Thank you for reading our story.


HFD3020BP10 , EATON HFD3020BP10 circuit breakers at NAS , HFD3020 , 6604C37G04

NAS just received the following EATON circuit breakers.

Each HFD3020BP10 circuit breaker will be meggered, ductored and tested on our primary injection test set. You will be given a report and each breaker is backed by our 1 year warranty.

EATON HFD3020BP10 circuit breakers
20 amp
600vAc 250vDC
3 pole
With bottom lugs

Red Label extremely clean


NASMC3823 + 21 others (9/11/2013)

These items will be available soon at www.naswgr-store.com