15PV2CDSTX-01 , Powell 15PV2CDSTX-01 Circuit Breaker , Powell 15PV PowlVac Vacuum Circuit Breaker , Retrofill for , Federal Pacific DST-15-500 Circuit Breaker , Cutler Hammer WL35296

PowlVac Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Powell 15PV2CDSTX01 Circuit Breaker

Powell 15PV Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Retro fill for Federal Pacific DST-15-500 Circuit Breaker

1200 amp
Interrupting Time 3 Cycles
Rated Short Circuit 16kA
Voltage Range Factor 1.3
Impulse Withstand 95kV
Closing Coil 125vDC
Trip Coil 125vDC
Closing Coil Range 100-140 volts
Trip Coil Range 70-140 volts
Mechanism Type FVS-3
Vacuum Bottle, Cutler Hammer WL35296

NASG11738 731K-1 Bldg 6

The used 15PV2CDSTX01 vacuum circuit breaker has low operations (487). It will be tested, high-potted with report and backed by our 1 year warranty.

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