CBC-2033-B , Pringle CBC-2033-B Switch 2000 amp 600 volt EMERGENCY

Saturday September 7th, 2013 a very large field service company needed an operating mechanism off of one if our Pringle Switches.

Pringle CBC-2033-B Fusible Switch
2000 amp
600 volt
Manually Operated
3 pole

A high school was down. Someone bent their operating mechanism trying to operate their Eaton CBC-2033-B Pringle Switch. The phone rang at 6:40 am and Kristen and I were all over it. Our guys were already working at the shop and had the candidates down for the customer to view and choose which mech he needed. By the time I got in our guys had the mech off, cleaned and put in the back of his van.

The customer is on his way to Pittsburgh to save the day.

Why do people use NAS? Because we do not do field service. We are the horses mouth to the industry. NAS is one of the largest owners of obsolete low and medium voltage air/vacuum circuit breakers and contactor’s in the world.


Lock it in- 216-402-0507 Mike Habeeb 24/7

Email- sales@naswgr.com




Sorry, the last picture came out blurry.

Update-9/9/2013- the high school bell rang this morning.

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