VB1 4.16-350 , GE VB1-4.16-350-3 Circuit Breaker , 1200 amp VB1-4.16-350 , BE1-50/51B-107 , B2E-E10-A0N0F , BE1-32R , 143-500 50:5 CT , 44B1 Vacuum Interrupter , 0209B8250P001 , 0177C5050G006 , 0209B8104G001 , 0209B18103G008

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12770 SZ

GE PowerVac Breaker and GE PowerVac Switchgear
VB1-4.16-350-3 Circuit Breaker
VB1-4.16-350-3 Vacuum Circuit Breaker
1200 amp
350 MVA
3 Pole
0209B8103G008 Close Coil 48vDC
0209B8104G001 Trip Coil 48vDC
0177C5050G006 48vDC Charging Motor
Connection Diagram 0209B8250P001
44B1 Vacuum Interrupter Type
GEK-86132 Manual
ML-18 Mechanism
Close & Latch 78kA
Rated Short Circuit 41kA
Built in 11/98
Available As-is (E-OK) or Reconditioned

We always Hi-Pot the bottles

Need different controls on this breaker? No Problem, submit it with your email and we will give you a quote.

Switchgear SNAS5700-2 5700-1 5699-1 5699-2
GE PowerVac Switchgear
1200 amp rated for VB1-350 , VB1 350
Mutlilin PQM Power Quality Meter
Model 501
Control Power 20-60vDC 20vA
20-48vAC 50/60 Hertz at 20vA
Firmware 65C131C4.000

More Switchgear Info
1200 amp VB1-350 bottles
Instrument Transformer Catalog# , 143-500 , 50:5 Ratio

Basler B2E E10 A0N0F , BE1-32R Relays
Basler BE1-50/51B-107 Overcurrent Relays

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Email- sales@naswgr.com
After Hours- 216-402-0507 or 216-570-2725


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