DA-75 , Westinghouse DA-75 Circuit Breaker , 3000 Amp DA-75 Circuit Breaker

Another happy customer!!

Westinghouse DA-75 Circuit Breaker
3000 amp
600 volt
3 pole
URC AC Pro Solid State Kit

Class A Reconditioned by NAS

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800-909-3660 Toll Free
216-402-0507 24/7 emergency hotline
Email- sales@naswgr.com

From beginning to end NAS knows how to handle obsolete breakers and bring them back to life!


Please call us with any questions.

NAS owns Westinghouse DA style circuit breakers and loose parts.

Are you looking to have your DA-75 circuit breakers reconditioned? Please put NAS on your next request for quote list. You will be very happy with our Family Owned and Operated Business.

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