GE AK Nomenclature Breakdown , GE AK Circuit Breakers , AK BREAKERS

NAS has a great breakdown to help you understand the GE AK Circuit Breaker Nomenclature.

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North American Switchgear owns 300,000 Square Feet on 9 Acres with a 7000 square foot reconditioning facility.

If you are in need of any kind of GE AK breaker, breaker parts or switchgear and switchgear parts please add us to your next request for quote. For over 34 years NAS has specialized in the GE AK vintages.

NAS also has AK parts on our web-store. Not all parts are listed but it is a nice tool to add to your favorites. We are adding everyday so if you do not see what is needed please email or call.


Please keep In mind that NAS does not perform field service work, we are the horses mouth to the whole industry and our Sales Professionals are not paid Commission so we will always have you’re best interest in mind. We want you to be happy but more importantly we want you to receive the right parts.

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I would like to end by saying that air circuit breakers were overbuilt pieces of equipment. An NAS “Class A Recondition” can revive your well built breakers back to life and save you thousands of dollars from having to replace them with plastic throwaway breakers.

“they don’t build them like they used to”

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