Westinghouse 150DHP750C circuit breakers

Westinghouse 150DHP750C power circuit breakers

These breakers are currently 125VDC charge, 125VDC close,125VDC trip, but our tech shop is able to provide any control voltage your require.

1200, 2000 or 3000 amp frame sizes in stock

PIP or Monolithic style pole-bases


NAS can provide these breakers Class A Reconditioned, Cleaned & Tested with warranty or just as-is. Replacement parts are also available.

1200 amp; style# 25Y8721B



125VDC charge, 125VDC close, 125VDC trip

2000 amp; style # 25Y8839B2



125VDC charge, 125VDC close, 125VDC trip

3000 amp; style # 25Y9545B6



125VDC charge, 125VDC close, 125VDC trip

North American Switchgear also stocks thousands of Westinghouse renewal parts for all DHP styles. Our website has extensive part lists with everything from the finger clusters and arc chutes all the way down to hardware and assembly kits.

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email: sales@naswgr.com

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