AKR-7D-50 1600 , General Electric AKR-7D-50 Circuit Breaker , RMS-9 MicroVersaTrip , LSIG , 139C4378G7

General Electric AKR-7D-50 1600 amp circuit breaker with RMS-9 MicroVersaTrip

Manually Operated, Drawout
-We also offer Electrically Operated-
1600 amp
3 pole
RMS-9 MicroVersaTrip kit with LSIG functions
RMS-9 MVT cat #: 139C4378G7
-NAS can include any trip kit you require-

North American Switchgear can provide these breakers Class A Reconditioned, Cleaned & Tested with warranty or just as-is. Replacement parts are also available.

Ask about our “Recondition Swapout Program”

North American Switchgear also stocks thousands of GE renewal parts for all AKR styles. Our website has extensive part lists with everything from the finger clusters and arc chutes all the way down to hardware and assembly kits.

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Do you get confused on why the AKR has different letters and numbers in the nomenclature? Click here for a complete breakdown

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email: sales@naswgr.com

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NASG12965, 778G

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