RL-1600 , Siemens RL-1600 Circuit Breaker , Static Trip III RMS-TSG-TZ LSG , RMS-TSG-TZ , 61-300-053-508

NAS just recieved the following.

Siemens RL-1600 Circuit Breaker
1600 amp frame
600 volt
3 Pole
Manually Operated
Drawout Frame
1600: .05 Current Transformers PN: 61-300-053-508

Available Class A Reconditioned or As-Is

Loose RL-1600 Parts
Loose RL-1600 Switchgear Parts
RL-1600 Switchgear

Ask us about our “Class A Recondition Swapout Program”

NAS can retrofit the solid state kit of your choice.

We also have Electrically Operated Siemens RL-1600 Circuit Breakers in stock

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