Federal Pioneer LTD. 100HL-3 Circuit Breaker ~ 100HL-3 ~ 4000 AMP 100HL-3

NAS has the following in stock along with parts.

Federal Pioneer LTD. 100HL-3 Circuit Breaker
4000 amp frame
600 volts
3 pole
3000 relay
60hz Frequency
Manually Operated
Type USD Relay or Available with New URC AC Pro Solid State Trip Unit
LCL-3500 Fuses

The out of production FPE 100HL-3 circuit breakers are available as is, cleaned and tested, or Class A Reconditioned.

NAS also has FPE 100HL-2 Circuit Breakers in stock.


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Email- sales@naswgr.com

If you require this 100HL-3 or 100HL-3 parts after hours please call 216-402-0507 or 216-570-2725

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