AM13.8-1000-4H circuit breakers 3000A new arrivals

New arrivals – General Electric Magna-Blast AM13.8-1000 3000A – great condition!

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General Electric AM13.8-1000-4H circuit breaker

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15HK500 – new arrivals

New arrival ITE 15HK500 circuit breakers, 1200 and 2000A in stock.  Available, as-is / tested or reconditioned.  Parts and switchgear available too.

Rare GE PowerBreak Cat# THC3030SSZE1C

NAS just picked up an amazingly rare GE PowerBreak Cat# THC3030SSZE1C with 120vAC controls loaded with extras. This breaker is in amazing condition and has a Bell Alarm, Electric Operator, Shunt Trip and an RMS-9 LSIG trip unit with a 3000 amp plug. 3000 amp GE PowerBreaks are hard to come by with these extras!!   800-909-3660

MA-250, FC-500 and FB-500 Arc Barriers

Arc barriers for Allis Chalmers MA-250 and FC-500 circuit breakers in stock at our Cleveland, OH facility – ship same day.  PN: 71-112-971-001.  These ceramic arc barriers mount above the stationary contact assembly and are frequently cracked on Allis Chalmers and Siemens medium voltage breakers.

 Used on MA-250, MA-250A, MA-250B, MA-250C1, FC-500, FC-500A, FC-500A1, FC-500B, FC-750, FC-750A, FC-750B, FB-500A1

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